Strategic Life & Career

We help individuals make strategic life decisions that fit who they are, based on their unique motivational profile, resulting in deep satisfaction and personal effectiveness.

team-motivationOur coaches specialize in helping people find direction, not just in their careers, but in their personal lives, as well. Indeed, many of the most important decisions individuals face need to be handled “offline” in a neutral setting, yet aided by a professional with expertise, experience, and perspective.

A SIMA Coach will start by showing you a lifelong pattern of motivated behavior that you instinctively use to do things that matter to you. That pattern, called a Motivated Abilities Pattern, or MAP®, functions like what its name suggests—a roadmap for making key life decisions and living with personal effectiveness. Your coach will help you use your MAP® to gain insight into your current situation, devise steps for creating a vision for the future, and then work a plan for getting from here to there—all of it tapping into the best of who you are.

Thousands of clients who have worked with our Coaches have said the experience has exceeded their expectations, and in many case has been nothing short of life-changing. They’re living with a sense of purpose, meaning, and direction that they never thought was possible, but now can’t imagine doing without.

Individual Coaching powered by SIMA®

What We Provide

  • A personal, one-on-one SIMA® assessment to pinpoint your unique giftedness
  • A customized Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP®) report
  • An in-depth feedback session to clarify key elements of your motivational pattern and discuss the implications for the issues you’re facing
  • On-going coaching services to help you make good on your good intentions and carry out your personal plan for growth and effectiveness

Key Benefits:

  • In-depth insight into what makes you you, and what that means for your life and career
  • A new capacity for living on-purpose and with intentionality
  • Significantly enhanced personal effectiveness
  • Confidence about who you are, what your core strengths are, what assignments and projects have your name on them, and what you should say “no” to