Executive Search

We ensure the right candidate fit for our clients by providing superior insights and unequalled confidence in the hiring decision.

sima-coaching-teamsWe do that by helping you pinpoint what is unique about your organization, the situation and role for which the hire is being made, and also the individual you are hiring. In other words, we clarify who the “right” person is for the job. Not just a generalized descriptor of who is needed, but a detailed, objective analysis of the core strengths s/he must instinctively possess to get the results you expect. That insight arms us with an uncanny ability to find exceptional candidates and, ultimately, just the person your organization is looking for.

Retained Search powered by SIMA®

What We Provide

  • Over 50 years of experience in retained search
  • More than 30 search experts in the U.S., Europe, and Australia
  • Unequalled expertise in predicting candidate success
  • Thousands of successful searches
  • Robust and expansive network to key talent
  • In-depth experience with board governance
  • Integration of professional consulting into the search process

Key Benefits

  • Confidence that you are hiring the “right” person for the job
  • Knowledge before you hire of how the candidate will do the job
  • Higher retention leading to sustained organizational success
  • A designated consultant to manage the search from inception to completion
  • Access to new networks with candidates not readily available
  • A finely crafted marketing strategy that tells your organization’s unique story in the marketplace—and draws the best candidates
  • Access to collateral consultative resources that are also SIMA®-powered