Chris Styring

Chris Styring

Chris Styring
0414853538 (AUS)

Chris Styring is an Asociate Member of SIMA International, Australia. His practice focuses on executive coaching, strategic people management, team effectiveness, and job-fit consulting.

Chris places great importance on the need for organizations to approach recruitment and search from an integrated point of view. That is, identify the right people, bring them into the organization, and then have information readily available on how to best develop and manage them in order to maximize their talent and abilities.

Prior to joining SIMA International, Chris was the sales director of an Australian pharmaceutical company, and also held training and development roles within organizations. Now in his fiftenth year with SIMA International, he serves a variety of industries, including: banking and finance, printing and publishing, medical instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, and marketing. He seeks client organizations who value the importance of identifying the right people to join their team, and are prepared to invest in understanding people’s core motivations and strengths. He works with people on an individual, team, and organizational level.

Monash University, Melbourne, B.S.
Australian Catholic University, Graduate Diploma in secondary education

Working with people to uncover what motivates them is very rewarding. People want to tell their “story,” and the SIMA® process allows that to occur. SIMA® provides people with insights that make career and life decisions easier for them. It breathes a sense of purpose and perspective that is true to what they already know about themselves.