Kim Miller

Kim Miller

Kim Miller
Phone: 860.508.2258

Kim Miller is an Associate Member of SIMA International, with emphases on motivational analyses and reporting, career coaching, job fit management tools, and training.

Kim supports the executive search, career coaching, and people management services of SIMA International by providing analytical reports, consultations, customized tools and training.

Among his many accomplishments as a career SIMA® practitioner, Kim has:

  • Written more 2,500 SIMA®-based consulting reports to help people with career and job fit issues.
  • Supported Candidate Screenings for many SIMA International executive searches and helped to filled positions for educational institutions for:  Heads of Schools, Principals and University Presidents.
  • Supported outplacement and transition services as a coach, writer, and trainer for 40 years.
  • Collaborated with executives to evaluate their options and identify opportunities by writing customized career advisory reports.
  • Developed and run career guidance workshops at public and private colleges, high schools and religious orders.
  • Served as a trainer for group outplacement projects at Michigan Consolidated Gas, Goddard Space Flight Center, and Bostich Manufacturing.
  • Developed and implemented new hire screening processes for Phoenix Home Life and Ensign Bickford Companies.
  • Conceptualized and/or created multiple prototypes for new SIMA®-based products, including The Sima Translator, The Job Fit Audit®, Discover your Design (DYD®), The Leadership Model®, Checkpoint® for Sales Representatives, and Checkpoint® for Managers and Leaders.
  • Taught career and job fit analysis at The Disney Institute to executive staff from Motorola.
  • Developed role playing exercises to engage new audiences in understanding the dynamics of motivational patterns.

Oral Roberts University, B.A. 1973

I have been working with SIMA International for 40+ years and continue to find it fascinating, full of mysteries, and the most relevant tool I know of for exploring issues related to human potential, fit, and calling.