About Us

SIMA International is a worldwide group of consultants who use our proprietary assessment technology, SIMA®, to help our clients make the best possible “people decisions.”

sima-leadership-successHuman beings are very complex. Yet success in any enterprise always comes down to people—working with them, getting them to work together, and working through them to get results. Those are all rather sophisticated challenges. That’s why our expertise is people—specifically people’s behavior. We’re able to show you how to set things up for people to consistently offer their very best.

The difference between good and great is knowing how to work with people.

We can help you:

  • Make great hires.
  • Develop high-performing teams.
  • Identify future leaders and managers.
  • Diagnose performance problems.
  • Create strategies for career development and training.
  • Anticipate how people will respond to the demands of a strategic initiative.
  • Design a new role or position, and then find the right person to fill it.
  • Align individual career goals with organizational vision.
  • Significantly increase employee retention and engagement.
  • Reduce stress and upgrade people’s interest and devotion to their jobs.
  • Train your managers to elicit the very best from their reports.
  • Tap into the creativity and innovative genius of your people.
  • Discover how to fully engage people’s focus and dedication.
  • Upgrade communication and understanding in your organization.
  • Introduce efficiencies that streamline people’s efforts.
  • Understand how people learn, and therefore how to more effectively train them.
  • Identify, design, and pursue the ideal job/role for you—or anyone else.