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Interested in learning more about membership in SIMA International?

Two forms of membership in SIMA International are available: Full and Associate.

Full members of SIMA highly value our proprietary tool SIMA® (System to Identify Motivated Abilities) and commit to its use in all their work.  A Full Member agrees that their business is linked extensively with SIMA® and pays royalties on all of their business revenue in exchange for the use of SIMA® and to be able to brand as a SIMA International company. The Full member has organization voting rights.

Associate Members desire greater flexibility in their use of SIMA® and may use it in conjunction with other tools and services. The Associate Member pays royalties just on the portion of business utilizing SIMA® or its associated products. Associate Members do not have organization voting rights.

SII (SIMA International) Application Requirements

Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP®)
All prospective members must have a SII Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP®) and feedback session. The MAP® helps both SIMA and the prospective member evaluate best use within SII (SIMA International). It also ensures that the prospective member has firsthand, personal experience with SIMA®.

The expense associated with completion of the SII MAP® is the responsibility of the prospective member. Completion of the MAP can occur at any time during the application process, but must be completed prior to full membership.

Application Process:
A prospective member completes an application along with the submission of a MAP®, resume and bio.  As part of the application, they indicate the desired type of membership.

The application includes:

  • Description of current practice areas and markets
  • A Business Plan that outlines a well-considered approach for the integration of SIMA®
  • Description of any relationships with current SII Members
  • References (minimum of 5)

Upon receipt of the application, an interview with several Board and/or members will be conducted by phone. The interviewers will provide the application and a recommendation for approval/non-approval to the SII Board.

If approved, the individual is granted membership pending completion of SIMA® training.

Training in System to Identify Motivated Abilities
Once you have been approved as a member, you must be trained in the use of SIMA®. Training is currently conducted individually with a member of SII who is sanctioned in training others in the methodology.  The cost of training is approximately $2000 and is paid directly to the trainer.  Ideally, the training is completed within 3 months of membership approval.

If you wish to proceed with SII Membership, please send your contact information and a brief message to