Ed Poff

Ed Poff

Ed Poff
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Ed Poff is an Associate Member of SIMA International and president of SIMA Career Coaching. Ed Poff has served as Executive Director of SIMA International from 2005 to 2011. He led the organization in planning, recruiting, business development, and general management. He also handles his own practice of executive coaching engagements.

Throughout his career, Ed has been recognized as a superior leader/manager of employees, focusing on the individual as a valued relationship. Ed was drawn to the work of SI when he saw how SIMA® can be used to significantly maximize employee motivation, job-fit, and organizational effectiveness.

Before joining SI, Ed enjoyed a very successful 20-year career at AT&T. He served in senior management roles, including general management, sales and sales management, product management, and advanced solutions development. He participated in AT&T’s two Malcolm Baldridge Quality Awards, and his passion for quality management has grown over the years to include TQM, Lean Enterprise, and Six Sigma certifications.

At AT&T, Ed earned many major awards, and was selected into the company’s Leadership Continuity Program for future leaders of the business. The executive and management training that he received at AT&T included more than 30 management and leadership courses.

One of his last assignments before leaving the company included a significant contribution to a venture capital team, with the objective of discovering and investing in high tech start-ups. Those start-ups would influence how people maximize Internet and wireless communications. Over the next seven years after leaving AT&T, Ed served in senior leadership roles at two successful high tech start-up companies, further developing his ability to successfully build teams and grow businesses.

In addition to his work life, Ed has been very active in the communities where he has lived. He has served on numerous boards including the New York State Museum, the Hartford Arts Council, three churches, and two private schools. Ed celebrates 27 years of marriage, and he and his wife have four children.

James Madison University, B.S. in business administration and marketing
Post-graduate work at James Madison University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Simons Graduate School of Business at the University of Rocheste